We have developed approaches to conducting rapid and strategic reviews of the commissioning and delivery of prevention and treatment priorities (in particular; alcohol, tobacco and healthy weight).  These have been developed drawing on our work in developing the CLeaR pilot model for Alcohol harm prevention, delivering CLeaR Tobacco peer assessments, and being involved in the delivery of the Department of Health National Support Team programme for alcohol, tobacco and health inequalities.


In a changing landscape for the NHS and Local Authorities, where structures, funding and priorities have undergone, and continue to undergo, significant change and reorganisation, there is significant value in rapid and strategic reviews of commissioning and delivery against specific priorities for public health.  External, supportive and analytical assessment of whole programmes can provide insight and motivation within commissioning and delivery to identify and deliver improvements.


Using tools and approaches backed by evidence and best practice, Safe Sociable London can design an effective and insightful rapid and strategic review of commissioning and service delivery. This is organised into four parts:

  • Reviewing and assessing written reports and system documentation to understand the framework and to identify initial issues or areas where innovation and improvements could be made.
  •  Interviewing stakeholders, commissioners and providers to develop a better understanding of the areas for improvement and to identify actions and networks to take these forward.
  • Meet with commissioners to outline recommendations and a plan of action.
  • Finalise plan of action and support dissemination (including a workshop for key stakeholders, commissioners and service providers).

We would be keen to meet with you and discuss your needs in this area and how we can help you to meet them.

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