Our Vision, Objectives & Principles 


Social Vision

Improving the health and wellbeing of the population by preventing and reducing avoidable non-communicable disease related harm


To provide innovative improvement and support to organisations planning, commissioning and delivering harm prevention programmes and interventions, with specific reference to preventable, non-communicable disease.

Principles by which SSLP operates:


A focus on preventing harm to health and wellbeing amongst the population.

Multi-sectoral and partnership approaches

Working with a broad range of partners who share our principles.

Evidence based

Using the evidence base to inform and drive our work, and to not support or deliver interventions where the evidence base is against them.


Aiming to apply the latest best-practice and research in innovative ways, looking for the gaps and current barriers, to make a break through.

Reducing inequalities

Keeping in mind at all times the importance for interventions and innovation to reduce inequalities or worsening existing inequalities.

Population approach

Using a population health approach, focusing on the whole not the parts.


we will provide our clients with independent, evidence based advice and support in a socially responsible manner.