IBA stands for ‘Identification and Brief Advice’ and is an alcohol screening and brief intervention which typically involves:

  • Identification: Using a validated screening tool to identify hazardous and harmful drinking, such as the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT)

  • Brief Advice: The delivery of short, structured ‘brief advice’ aimed at encouraging risky drinkers to reduce their consumption to lower risk levels

IBA is designed to promote prevention through enabling at-risk drinkers to make informed choices about their drinking. It is not a treatment.

IBA is a simple and cost effective health intervention that can reduce at-risk drinking.  IBA allows individuals to be screened and then an appropriate response given ranging from congratulating a person for drinking at lower-risk levels, delivering 'simple brief advice' through to encouraging referrals to a specialist service.

IBA can be initiated by properly trained front line staff working in health and social care and in other settings which present a good opportunity to engage with members of the public.  

Our work under the Identification and Brief Advice workstream includes:

  • London Alcohol Misuse Prevention (LAMP) Advisory Group providing Expertise and Support in Delivering High Quality IBA for London.

  • Continuation of a number of pilots to develop best practice in delivering IBA in key settings including probation, sexual health services and homeless services.  Upon the completion of the pilots, we will work with London boroughs to support the effective implementation of these pilot outcomes.