At Safe Sociable London Partnership we provide expert support to our local, regional, national and international clients to help them achieve their public health and prevention objectives by developing and providing innovative and effective approaches.

Safe Sociable London is a social purpose consultancy, consisting of a team of experts with a variety of knowledge and experience in public health, strategy, and prevention.  We have grown out of the very successful work undertaken for the London Health Improvement Board (LHIB) in 2012/13 and the Department of Health's  Regional Alcohol and Tobacco Improvement Programmes of 2009/2012. 

We focus on the prevention of avoidable, non-communicable diseases and their related social harms. Currently we focus mostly on alcohol related harm and how it can be prevented through Strategic approaches, Licensing, IBA (Identification and Brief Advice) and the innovative use of technology.  We do this by providing expertise, experience, knowledge and innovative solutions.

We believe that targeted focus on three particular areas can improve prevention outcomes: 

  • Having the strategic frameworks for prevention;
  • Addressing the causes at source; and,
  • Intervening early, to prevent and reduce harm.