Our Work & Offer

Preventable harm is a significant issue costing the community and negatively effecting health, wellbeing and inequalities. There are clear and effective ways of reducing preventable harm through strategic approaches, harm prevention and through managing environmental influences. These approaches are supported by the local, national and international evidence base. 

At Safe Sociable London Partnership, we have the expertise, knowledge and networks to develop and facilitate the sharing of knowledge, best practice and evidence to support partners in ways they identify they need. We work closely with local authorities, national and regional leaders and experts in the field to identify the key gaps to reduce preventable health and social harms.  As a result of this we have developed a strong offer of work to address these gaps. 

We can provide problem solving support to apply to specific local, regional and national barriers and problems within a strategic framework to facilitate best practice and comprehensive approaches to reducing preventable health and social harm. 

Some Of Our Offers Include

Programme management:

Developing, running and managing programmes of work.

Facilitated self-assessments, and peer assessments:

We have significant experience of developing and delivering CLeaR self and peer-assessments for Alcohol and delivering peer-assessments for Tobacco Control.

Rapid reviews: 

We have long experience of reviewing and advising on improvement processes for strategies and prevention programmes.  We can offer an expert team to assess, analyse and review strategies and programmes, making recommendations for achievable and effective improvements.

Public Health Licensing Process:

Establishing approaches for Public Health to contribute to licensing processes.

Training delivery and tools:

Developing training sessions, programmes and toolkits.

Engagement and stakeholder identification: 

Working with networks to identify and engage key people and organisations.

Events, workshops and networks.

Strategy development and reviews.

Guidance development:

Developing guidance to support the commissioning and use of innovative approaches to preventing harm.

If you would like to proceed with any of the offers we can provide you with a full specification.

 If any of your needs are not described above, we also offer tailored solutions.